By Garra - 28/01/2022 in Brazil and World

In 25 years, Brazilian export volume increases 778%

In the past 25 years, from 1997 to 2021, Brazilian animal protein exports increased by 778%. Data from the Secretariat of Foreign Trade show that in 1997, 777,300 tons of meat were shipped from Brazil and, in 2021, the result exceeded 6.8 million tons.

When comparing 1997 with 2021, the product that grew the most in volume was beef, with an increase of 2,878%. In the first year analyzed, chicken meat corresponded to 86% of the total, beef 6.74% and pork 7.26%.

Currently, chicken corresponds to 62% of the total meat exported, beef protein represents 23% and pork 15%.

“Brazil is an excellent supplier of animal protein to the world and, every year, this gets more evident. We work with suppliers from different countries and the volume traded is extremely large. In addition to volume, what makes our country more attractive at the time of negotiation is quality and compliance with the sanitary requirements of the most demanding markets”, emphasizes Matias Hees, CCO at Garra International.

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