By Garra - 01/04/2024 in Brazil and World

China ends anti-dumping measures on Brazilian chicken exports

The Chinese government decided not to renew the anti-dumping measures applied since 2019 to Brazilian poultry product exports. The change was reported by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce, and Services. The measure ceased to apply on February 17th and corresponded to a surcharge between 17.8% and 34.2%.

Brazil is the world’s largest poultry exporter, and China is the main destination for the product. Last year, the Asian country purchased 679,000 tons of chicken from Brazil, generating revenue of over USD 1.9 billion.

“We view the overcoming of this barrier positively,” said the ministry’s executive secretary, Marcio Elias Rosa. “The tendency is to increase our share in the Chinese market, which is the second-largest consumer of chicken meat [in the world].”

According to Rosa, the issue was addressed during President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s visit to China last year. It was also discussed at the 9th meeting of the Economic and Trade Subcommission, at the ministerial level, held in Beijing. “The evolution is due to a rapprochement that occurred in the last 12 months,” he said.

The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) celebrated the end of the Chinese anti-dumping process.

According to the entity, with the suspension of the charge, Brazilian companies will return to compete on equal terms with exporters from other countries. In January, the Asian country imported 38,400 tons, behind Japan (40,100 tons) and the United Arab Emirates (38,700 tons).

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