By Garra - 22/04/2022 in Chicken

Avian flu outbreaks hit key chicken producers and reduce global stocks

Avian flu has been worrying and causing damage to important chicken and egg producers in the world. The US, with the worst outbreak since 2015, has already lost 2027 million chicken and turkeys. While France is facing its worst outbreak of all time, with more than 13 million birds slaughtered since November 2021. By now, the disease has hit 34 European countries this year.

Lower global stocks in the face of outbreaks and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, push poultry and egg prices up. Brazil, the largest producer of chicken meat, with 15 million tons produced annually, may gain even more market.

According to the SAFRAS & Mercado analyst, Fernando Henrique Iglesias, Brazil has a huge advantage in terms of chicken exports. “Brazil has advantages such as health, no record of avian flu cases, and production capacity at scale. Brazilian chicken meat shipments will not have problems in 2022.”

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