By Garra - 30/07/2021 in Chicken

Since the last Olympics, Garra has exported 11,400 tons of chicken to Japan

Since last Friday 23rd, the world’s eyes turned to Japan, where the Olympics take place. Garra International, however, has been paying special attention to this market for a long time. With important chicken suppliers in Brazil, the largest export market, the company has sent more than 11,400 tons of this protein to the Japanese since the last Olympics.

“We have always had a good relationship with this market, one of the most quality demanding in the world. We have been shipping chicken from Brazil for over a decade and we are starting to export Brazilian pork there as well. Through our branch in Australia, we also ship lamb and we should soon start sending volumes of beef, both from Australia and Brazil”, explains Lizandra Aoki, trader at Garra International.

Japan is the third largest importer of Brazilian chicken and is only behind China and Saudi Arabia. Since 1984, the Japanese have consumed Brazilian protein and today 40% of all the chicken meat that Japan imports is of Brazilian origin.

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