By Garra - 21/10/2022 in Garra International

SIAL Paris generates new business opportunities for Garra International

The encounters promoted by SIAL Paris, the largest food fair in the world, generated new contacts and business opportunities for Garra International. Currently present in 13 countries, the trading company expects an increase in its activities in the months following the trade fair.

“SIAL was the first event of this magnitude after the end of general Covid-19 restrictions. And it lived up to our expectations: over five days, we connected with suppliers and buyers from the main global markets – strengthening existing relationships and making new contacts”, says Frederico Kaefer, CEO of the company.

Garra brought to Paris a team from countries such as Brazil, France, the USA, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, China, and New Zealand. At the event, they met with companies from all over the world.

“The diversity of contacts we had in the last few days shows that SIAL is a truly global fair. These conversations will, from now on, result in the expansion of exports to countries where we already sell, and in the development of other markets for Garra and its customers”, says Matias Hees, the company’s CCO. 

In its 29th edition, SIAL Paris welcomed around 7,000 exhibitors from approximately 120 countries.

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