By Garra - 26/11/2021 in Chicken

Russia resumes imports from 12 Brazilian slaughterhouses

This week the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision has announced the imports resume of beef and pork from Brazil. Twelve slaughterhouses benefited from the decision, three producers of beef and nine producers of pork.

Brazilian sales of these proteins to the Russian market were suspended since 2017, when the authorities in that country alleged the use of additives in animal feed. In a statement issued by the Russian Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, they explained that the rehabilitation decision considered the work carried out by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture in complying with the requirements of the Russian Federation and the guarantees that were presented by the Brazilian ministry.

Another four pork meat processing plants had been previously authorized, and in October, 2,181 tons of Brazilian pork were shipped to the Russians.

“Russia was once the main destination for Brazilian pork and, with the sanitary problems experienced internally and in other countries, the product from Brazil will stand out in this market. It is also important to remember that with this reopening, there will be a redirection of offers and the other Asian countries will compete with the Russian demand from now on”, explains Fabio Bonassi, White Proteins Manager at Garra International.

Initial projections from the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) show that with the resume of nine more pork slaughterhouses, Brazil can reach revenue of up to US$ 200 million.

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