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Meat exports from the Brazilian State of Paraná increase 9.5% in 2023

Paraná exported 2.3 million tons of meat in 2023, an increase of 9.5% compared to the same period last year, with the main increase seen in poultry shipments. The information is from the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply of the State government, which houses one of Garra International’s offices in Brazil.

The revenue of the Paraná animal protein sector from last year’s shipments increased by USD 61.8 million (BRL 303.8 million) to about USD 4.3 billion (BRL 21.1 billion).

Poultry exports from Paraná, the largest poultry-producing state in Brazil, rose 9.9% last year to 2.1 million tons. In revenue, there was a reduction of 0.4% to USD 3.77 billion (BRL 18.5 billion), amid a drop in export prices of the protein.

Paraná’s pork shipments increased by 7% in 2023 to 168 thousand tons, generating a 12.6% increase in revenue to USD 375.6 million (BRL 1.8 billion).

Paraná also exported 5.2 thousand tons of fish in 2023, compared to 5.1 thousand tons in 2022, generating revenue of USD 18.7 million (BRL 91.4 million) for the sector.

TCP Exports Increase 19%

Exports of animal protein through the Paranaguá Container Terminal, one of the largest in South America, increased by 19% in 2023 to 235,898 TEUs (20-foot container length), according to information released by the company that manages the TCP terminal.

Animal protein is the main commodity transported by the Paraná terminal. Of the total exported in 2023, 181,878 TEUs were chicken meat, 37,169 TEUs beef, and 14,369 TEUs pork.

The TCP is considered the world’s largest export corridor for frozen chicken meat, according to the company.

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