By Garra - 03/06/2022 in Beef

Increased production will fuel growth in Brazilian beef exports

Due to the retention that started in 2019 and gained momentum in 2020, a significantly increased number of calves and steers ready to enter intensive production systems should reach the Brazilian market in the second half of 2022, according to the latest report from Rabobank.

The document states that this, added to the increase in the share of females in slaughter, should bring a change in the livestock cycle and consequently increase the supply of slaughter cattle.

With the presumable lower of the domestic demand for the product, Rabobank analysts believe that there are still opportunities for Brazilian beef in the foreign market, particularly in China.

“A combination of relatively low prices due to the depreciation of the Brazilian Real, the expectation of increased supply in Brazil, and constrained in other exporting countries is expected to improve the competitiveness of Brazilian beef in the international market.” says the report. China is expected to remain as Brazil’s largest export destination until at least 2025.

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