By Garra - 30/09/2022 in Chicken

Chinese poultry imports set to rise 15% in 2023, says USDA

China is expected to import 750 thousand tons of poultry meat in 2023, a growth of 15.4% compared to the estimate for 2022. The data was released in a report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Domestic consumption of chicken meat in China is expected to grow 1% in 2023, to 14.5 million tons, despite the persistence of some restrictions related to Covid-19.

According to the report, Chinese consumers are expected to continue incorporating more chicken meat products into their dining options, as will schools and company cafeterias.

In this context, Brazil can benefit from the increase in demand, given the restriction of shipments from some countries to China due to cases of avian flu, among other factors.

In the first half of 2022, Chinese importers faced cash flow problems that impacted purchases, in the face of rising prices and temporary closures of cold storage warehouses due to restrictions related to Covid-19. The USDA expects the issues to be resolved within the next year.

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