By Garra - 13/11/2023 in Brazil and World

Brazilian state of Paraná aims to become the world’s largest meat producer

The western region of the Brazilian state of Paraná aims to be a global reference in the production of animal protein and is organizing itself to become the world’s largest producer within the next 20 years. A report by Gazeta do Povo newspaper reveals that this strategy is being set in motion by local business leaders.

The region, which hosts one of the main offices of Garra International, accounts for more than half of Paraná’s poultry and pig farming production, driven by strong agricultural cooperatives. It is through these cooperatives that they plan to achieve global leadership. Five of Brazil’s ten largest in the sector are located in the region – and they are all among the 100 largest agricultural cooperatives in the world.

Official data from September last year indicated, for example, that no Brazilian municipality outside the state of Paraná produces as much chicken, pork, milk, and fish as Cascavel (where Garra’s state office is located), Toledo, Castro, and Nova Aurora, respectively.

The state has the largest flock of poultry in Brazil, with 428.5 million heads. It is the third-largest in pig production, with 6.7 million animals. In fish farming, Paraná is also a powerhouse and has become the country’s largest producer of tilapias. 

“We have a lot to grow. We have the area, capacity for sustainable growth, and market space for this advancement. And there is a plan for this to happen,” says the president of the West Development Program (POD), Rainer Zielasko.

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