By Garra - 05/08/2022 in Brazil and World

Brazilian meat suppliers should increase exports in 2022, says Conab

Brazilian chicken exporters may sell a record volume above 4.7 million tons this year on global markets, according to an estimate from Conab, the national food supply and statistics agency. If its forecast is confirmed, chicken exports will have grown 6% by year-end.

Brazil’s beef exports are expected to increase by 15% in the year, to an estimated 2.84 million tons.

Brazilian chicken and beef processors are expected to produce around 23 million tons of meat this year, according to the estimates.

For poultry, output will remain close to 15 million tons, which guarantees a per-capita availability of 48.6 kilos per year, smaller than last year’s record due to an expected fall of 3% in supply, strong export demand and growth of the Brazilian population, Conab said.

Brazilian beef production should reach an estimated 8.1 million tons in 2022, with the expectation that the per-capita availability will be around 25 kilos per year.

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