By Garra - 19/11/2021 in Chicken

Brazilian Chicken meat production and exports might increase 1.5% in 2022

2022 should be a year of growth for Brazilian production and exports of chicken meat. This is a Rabobank estimate, which believes in an increase of 1.5% for the segment in 2022.

“The economic reopening after the increase in vaccinations, the reduction of unemployment rates and the presidential election, should support the domestic demand in 2022”. In addition, the bank expects the scenario to remain satisfactory for Brazilian poultry exports next year due to global economic recovery, low availability of labor force in other producing countries and challenges faced abroad related to avian flu.


For pork, Rabobank believes in an increase of 1% in 2022, with China as the main destination for exports from Brazil. In 2021, Brazilian pork shipments to China have already presented a rise and should end the year with 10% growth, according to the bank.

In the same perspective, Brazilian pork production should increase 2.5% in 2022.

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