By Garra - 16/08/2021 in Brazil and World

Brazilian agribusiness exports reach record value in July

Brazilian agribusiness deliveries products to different parts of the world and in July it reached a record value of US$ 11.29 billion, a 15.8% higher result  than that exported in the same month last year. In the same period, in 2020, the total was US$9.75 billion.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the growth in exports is linked to the increase in the price index of products Brazilian exported, which was 28.5% higher in comparison with July 2020 and July 2021.

Among the products that stimulate this growth are soy and derivatives with a share of 44.4%, meat with 18%, and forestry products with 11.5%.

Beef, pork and chicken meat also reached record exports, with US$ 2.03 billion in foreign sales  last July (+34.9%). The value was reached due to the expansion of average export prices (+24%) and the exported volume, which rose almost 9% in July this year.

“The scenario is for price increase around the world, for all proteins, and this is what led Brazil to register these records last month. Brazilian beef, for example, is among the top most consumed in the world and demand has been increasing strongly, especially by the Chinese. Production, however, failed to keep up with this growth in consumption and has  been  directly reflected in the price of the product”, explains Matias Hees, commercial director at Garra International.

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