By Garra - 01/08/2023 in Brazil and World

Brazil sees recovery in pig farming and expects record production in 2023

As Brazil celebrates Pig Farmer’s Day, on July 24, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) announced that the industry has reasons to celebrate. According to the entity, pig farming is recovering in the country, and the sector should grow this year.

Brazilian production is predicted to exceed 5 million tons for the first time in history in 2023, with a record also in exports, which should reach 1.2 million tons.

“Brazil has taken the place of other major international players, such as the European Union, reinforcing our country’s role in global food security,” said ABPA president Ricardo Santin.

According to him, the sector experiences a relief with the gradual retraction in corn and soy bran prices, compared to the increases of more than 150% registered between 2020 and 2022.

Even though the sector still faces high prices for other inputs such as diesel, energy, plastic and cardboard, there is a positive outlook, and producers and the agroindustry are currently experiencing a moment of balance in their accounts, he said.

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