By Garra - 03/07/2021 in Brazil and World

Brazil increases pork shipments abroad by 18%

From January to May this year, Brazilian pork exports totaled 453.9 thousand tons, this result being 18.44% higher than the one shipped in the same period in 2020. According to the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), in addition to the volume shipped, the revenue  accumulated  also increased, with US$ 1.079 billion, a result 22.9% higher than last year (US$ 878.3 million).

China comes first in shipment positions. Brazil shipped 238.7 thousand tons in the first five months of 2021 to the Asian country. Next comes Chile, with 25.5 thousand tons; Uruguay, with 17.5 thousand tons; Argentina, with 12.2 thousand tons; and Vietnam, with 9.4 thousand tons.

“Important animal protein exporter, Brazil gets stronger every year, sustaining the main consumer markets. In this sense, pork has been standing out and has been increasingly sought after. We, at KITGarra, have excellent pork protein suppliers  and we are a bridge between these slaughterhouses and importing countries. Our team is prepared to serve and facilitate access to the best Brazilian cuts”, comments Fabio Bonassi, KITGarra’s pork protein manager.

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