By Garra - 23/07/2021 in Brazil and World

Brazil exports almost 950,000 tons of halal chicken in 2021

The advance of vaccination against Covid-19 and the economic recovery of some countries have stimulated the Brazilian chicken negotiations  with the Arabs. According to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, in the first half of this year, Brazil exported more than 942,000 tons of halal chicken. In revenue, the value exceeds US$ 1.3 billion.The main importers are Saudi Arabia (396,000 tons), the United Arab Emirates (239,000 tons), Yemen (85,000 tons), Kuwait (73,000 tons) and Libya (64,000 tons).

On average, of the total Brazilian shipments, 40% of exports are halal chicken.

“Our relationship with the Arabs is strong and guaranteed through the supply of proteins that respect their sanitary requirements. We also sell halal meat to other countries, as the Arab community is not restricted to the Middle East. We work towards  reaching  different places around the world, with quality meat, respecting their cultures”, says Renato Gheller, protein manager at Garra International.

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