By Garra - 15/10/2021 in Beef

Beef exports are expected to reach close to 12 million tons in 2022

Global beef trading has been growing every year and the expectation is that the historic maximum will be renewed in 2022, reaching 11,9 million tons in shipments. And, among the main exporters, Brazil remains at the top.

According to the USDA, from 2017 to 2022, considering the forecast increase in exports, Brazil should show a growth of 47.2%, going from 1.8 million tons in 2017 to 2.65 million tons in 2022. The United States, third among the largest exporters, in the same comparison, will have a growth of 14.7%; in Australia (4th position), the increase will be 0.7%; and for Argentina (6th), the increase will be 142.9%.

Also among the main exporters, India (2nd position) and the European Union (5th position) should close the five-year comparison with a reduction in exports. The first might present a 10.1% reduction in shipments and the second 7.9%.

Source: USDA

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