By Garra - 01/04/2022 in Chicken

Avian flu: more than 12 million birds slaughtered in France

France is facing the worst bird flu crisis in its history, with more than 12 million birds being slaughtered. A resumption of outbreaks of the virus has hit the largest poultry producing region in the European country and concerns government and the industry.

Migratory wild birds were responsible for spreading the virus, which reached all European Union countries except Malta and Cyprus, with Italy suffering the most serious damage. Most outbreaks have ended in the region, except in France.

After a first wave, which led to the culling of around 4 million birds in the southwestern part of the country, France is still facing outbreaks of the virus, possibly brought in by wild birds on their way back. This is the first time this occurs in such a significant way.

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