By Garra - 27/05/2022 in Beef

World beef production could reach record in 2022

World beef production is expected to achieve 58.69 million tons in 2022 and will reach another record, surpassing the maximum ever recorded in 2019 (58.65 million/tons). The projection is from the USDA, which also presented an estimate of production for the main countries.

The United States should reach 12.62 million tons. The number is 0.9% lower than in 2021 and, even so, the volume keeps Americans at the top among the main producers. The US is responsible for about 21.5% of the global production.

Brazil appears in second place in the ranking and the expectation for 2022 is to produce 9.85 million tons, a volume larger than the one recorded in 2021 (9.5 million tons).

China also continues to increase beef production and should reach, for the first time, 7 million tons, consolidating itself as the third largest producer in the world. Even with intensified production, the Chinese are expected to raise their imports by 10% according to the USDA.

“Just as there is an estimated increase in the production of beef protein, a worldwide growth in consumption is also expected. And shipments from Brazil, the largest exporter, should grow by more than 15% this year. We are aware of all this market movement, and we will work so that our customers, whether from Latin America, the Middle East or Asia, continue to receive offers and products with the same quality and volume they need”, explains Fabio Leone, red protein manager at Garra International.

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