By Garra - 22/10/2021 in Beef

USA triples Brazilian beef imports in 2021

Brazil has considerably increased its beef exports to the United States of America. From January to September 2021, Americans imported the equivalent of US$ 216.18 million, a number three times higher than that observed in the same period in 2020, when US$ 60.34 million were traded.

In volume, the USA bought 38.69 thousand tons of frozen beef from Brazil in the first 9 months of this year. Last year, during the period under analysis, 12.89 thousand tons were shipped.

And the prospects for beef exports remain truly optimistic for 2022, especially for Brazil, with a trend of continued growth in sales. According to Garra’s last week press release, the expectation is that the world trade of this protein will be very close to 12 million tons, with Brazil being responsible for the sale of 2.65 million tons of beef.

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