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Top poultry importers expected to increase purchases by 2% in 2024

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that global poultry exports will increase by nearly 1% in 2024, slightly exceeding 6.9 million tons.

However, the increase will be restricted to the top 10 importers. These countries are expected to grow their purchases by around 2%, according to the data. Among the other importers (around 150 countries), the trend is a reduction of about 0.5% in imported volume.

Among the top ten global buyers of poultry, only Saudi Arabia is expected to reduce (by about 2.5%) its external purchases in 2024, maintaining the downward trend recorded in recent years.

The highlight of the list is South Africa, which is expected to increase its imports by 12.6% this year (385 thousand tons), followed by the Philippines (465 thousand tons), with an increase of 6.2%. Iraq ranks third, with a rise of 4.9% (555 thousand tons).

In volume, the top buyer in 2024, according to USDA estimates, will be Japan, with 1.08 million tons (+1.1%). Next are Mexico, with 1.01 million tons (+0.4%), and the United Kingdom (940 thousand tons, +0.5%). China ranks fourth, with 770 thousand tons (an increase of 0.39%).

A survey by Avisite also maps the importance of the main importers for the external sales of the world’s largest producers, Brazil and the United States.

According to the data, Brazil’s poultry exports will primarily go to China, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Saudi Arabia this year.

For the U.S., only three countries from the top 10 are among its main buyers: Mexico, in first, the Philippines, in fourth, and China, which ranks as the seventh-largest importer of American poultry.

It is important to note that, for now, U.S. products remain without access to the European Union market, which also includes the United Kingdom, a former member of the bloc.

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