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Crescimento nas exportações brasileiras de carne de frango e de carne bovina

One of the main animal protein world suppliers, Brazil continues with an important pace in its shipments. In September, the Latin American country surprised once again by presenting its export figures for chicken meat and beef. For the first protein, in comparison with the ninth month of 2020, the result in revenue was 52.5% higher and, for the second protein, 79% above the one previously registered.


In volume, chicken meat exports increased from 345,000 tons in September 2020 to 418,500 tons in September 2021. Revenue rose from US$ 479 million to US$ 730.5 million. And, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), from January to September this year, exports had had a performance 9% higher than that registered in the first nine months of 2020. Revenues represented a 21.7% increase in the same period.

China, the main destination for Brazilian shipments, imported 63.2 thousand tons in September, a volume 20.4% higher than that shipped in the same period last year. Next came Japan, with 46.9 thousand tons (+45.2%) and the United Arab Emirates, with 43.2 thousand tons (+66.3%). Other highlights were the Philippines, with 20.5 thousand tons (+1118.8%), the European Union, with 16.9 thousand tons (+20.8%) and Mexico, with 9.2 thousand tons (+348%).


Beef exports had a new record in monthly operations and revenue in September, with a growth of 31% in volume and 79% in foreign exchange, according to the Brazilian Association of Meatpackers (Abrafrigo). Foreign sales totaled 218.5 thousand tons in September against 166.3 thousand tons for the same month last year, surpassing August records this year (211.8 thousand tons). September’s revenues rose from US$ 668.6 million to US$ 1.198 billion and surpassed August records this year (US$ 1.175 billion).

In the accumulated result for the year, exports grew by 2.84% over the same period in 2020, reaching 1,502,134 tons against 1,460,640 until September last year. In revenue terms, the results rose 22%, from US$ 6.109 billion to US$ 7.467 billion.

China was responsible for 60.2% of the total Brazilian beef operations, reaching in these first nine months of the year 889,238 tons against 839,077 for the same period last year. The United States comes next, going from 40,602 tons shipped in 2020 to 82,352 tons in 2021 (+102.8%). In third place is Chile, which in 2020 purchased 60,074 tons and, just this year, had operations of 74,543 tons (+24.1%).

According to Abrafrigo, 90 countries had increased their imports until September this year.

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