By Garra - 05/08/2022 in Chicken

Poultry should take nearly half of the global meat market by 2031

Poultry will continue to be the fastest-growing meat over the next decade and by 2031 will take 47% of the meat market, followed by pork, lamb and beef, according to the latest OECD/FAO Agricultural Outlook.          

Poultry meat consumption has risen in nearly all countries and regions, with consumers attracted by competitive prices, product consistency and adaptability, and higher protein with lower fat content, says the report.

Consumption of poultry meat is estimated to increase globally to 154 million tons over the projected period, reflecting the significant role it plays in the national diets of several populous developing nations, such as China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

In general, global meat consumption is expected to rise by 15% in the analyzed period. Economic and population growth should be the main drivers for the increase, according to the report.

Pork consumption is projected to increase to 129 million tons over the next ten years and to account for a third of the total increase in meat consumption, while global beef demand should reach 76 million tons in the next decade.

Sheep meat consumption will rise to 18 million tons over the outlook period.

Global meat supply will expand to meet rising demand, reaching 377 million tons by 2031, due to the greater number of animals and an increase in the sector’s productivity. However, a small group of countries, including Brazil and the United States, will continue to be responsible for the majority (60%) of the global animal production.

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