By Garra - 28/01/2022 in Beef

New Zealand shows strong recovery in exports in December

Global demand for red meat and the economic recovery of key consumer markets have boosted New Zealand’s exports. And, in December 2021, the average value of beef and sheep exports reached records and achieved volumes close to historic levels.

USA and China accounted for 70% of the total exports in New Zealand. These two countries have experienced strong economic recovery in 2021 and the consumer demand for food has increased. In China, there is also a shift in consumer preference, which is opting for beef and sheep meat after shortfalls in pork supplies.

The average export value for beef and sheep meat reached record in December. For beef protein, export revenue for the month increased 24% year-on-year. As for sheep products, revenue for the month increased 32% in comparison to the same period in 2020.

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