By Garra - 24/02/2023 in Beef

New Zealand red meat exports grow 13% in 2022

New Zealand exported red meat worth USD 7.15 billion during 2022, an increase of 13% when  compared to 2021, according to the latest analysis from the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

China remained the number one market for the products, with a total of USD 2.70 billion in purchases, an increase of 5% in 2021. Exports to the United States were up by 7%, to USD 1.44 billion, while Japan increased its buying by 20%, to USD 351.7 million, and the United Kingdom by 11%,  to USD 290.2 million.

Sheepmeat export volumes fell by 5%, to 375,716 tons, for the year. However, the value increased by 6% to USD 2.70 billion. The average free on board (FoB) value of sheepmeat exports in 2022 was USD 7.20/kg compared to USD 6.46/kg in 2021.

The volume of beef exports was also down by 5%, to 482,875 tons, but the value increased by 20%, to USD 3.07 billion. The average FoB value of beef exports in 2022 was USD 6.27/kg, up from USD 5.00/kg in 2021.

China was the largest market for beef during the year, with the volume up 4%, to 219,340 tons, and the value up 34%,  to USD 1.32 billion. 

There was a decrease in exports to the other major beef market, the United States, with the volume dropping 22%, to 126,177 tons, and the value by 5%, to USD 820 million.

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