By Garra - 17/09/2021 in Beef

New Zealand $16.7 million investment in bovine genetics program

Over the next 25 years, New Zealand beef producers are expected to increase their earnings by US$ 460 million. This is an estimate by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, which with the support of the New Zealand government, created a beef genetics program called Informing New Zealand Beef, with an investment of US$ 16.7 million.

In this program, farmers will receive genetic selection tools to breed animals better suited to New Zealand’s farming conditions. This will improve sustainability, productivity and profitability, whilst speeding up farmers’ ability to respond to changes in consumption.

INZB Program Governance Group Chair Helen Anderson says New Zealand’s beef sector currently relies on an Australian genetics platform. “INZB will develop a New Zealand-based genetic evaluation, which will ultimately result in more efficient beef animals, which generate less greenhouse gases and are more profitable.”

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