By Garra - 09/12/2022 in Brazil and World

Meat production and exports from Brazil to grow more than 20% by 2032, says government

Brazil should produce 35 million tons of chicken, beef, and pork in 2031/32, 23% above the estimate for 2021/22 (28.4 million tons). The data was released by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (Mapa).

According to the forecast, beef production will grow 1.3% per year, or 14.9% in the period, reaching 9.67 million tons in the next decade.

Chicken meat production should increase by 25.6% in ten years (2.4% annually), to 19.07 million tons. For pork, the estimated increase is 29.1% in the decade (also around 2.4% annually), to 6.25 million tons.

The ministry projects a growth above 20% in Brazilian animal protein exports in the next decade.

Shipments of Brazilian chicken meat should reach 5.75 million tons in 2031/32, an increase of 26.2% in the accumulated ten years, while those of pork meat will rise to 1.5 million tons (38,9%).

Beef exports will reach around 4 million tons in the period, a growth of 34.1%.

“The major markets for beef are represented by China, the United States, and Japan. China is expected to import 30% of exported beef in 2031, making it a good opportunity for Brazil, Argentina, and others”, states the report.

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