By Garra - 29/04/2022 in Chicken

Lower supply drives chicken and pork prices up

With reduced supply and heated exports, the prices of chicken and pork in Brazil are on the rise this April. According to data from Cepea/Esalq, frozen chicken had an increase of 7.01%.

In a statement, Cepea reported that “the international situation of lower supply of this product – due to conflicts in Eastern Europe and cases of avian flu in producing countries such as the United States – has increased the demand for national chicken meat”.

The price of swine carcass rose 15.75%, while live swine, in the Cepea/Esalq indicator, showed a growth from 13.93% to 21.94%. The purchase intensification of new animal batches for slaughter, due to greater domestic demand and the increase in protein exports, in addition to the high cost of grains used in animal nutrition, are the cause of the increase in these prices.

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