By Garra - 09/07/2021 in Brazil and World

Increased consumption and high-cost production impacts chicken meat prices

In June, Brazilian fresh chicken meat exports were 13.73% above what had been shipped in June 2020. The average price also increased. In relation to May, there was an appreciation of 3.81% and in comparison with June of last year the increase was 26.81%.

The increase in exports, a recovery in the domestic economy and, consequently, the increase in protein consumption, generates a combination that directly impacts prices. In addition, the high cost of production, due to the continued high prices of feed inputs, reduces the slaughtering animal supply in the market.

“We have been following this scenario of high prices in grain for months now and this week we have had new corn valuations, the main chicken feed ingredient. The weather and an estimated reduction in production have kept prices high for the future market too. The advance of vaccination against Covid in Brazil will also reflect an economic recovery and an increase in meat consumption. We are already noticing a retraction in offers and, it seems, such scenario should continue”, explains Renato Gheller, chicken protein manager at KITGarra.

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