By Garra - 10/12/2021 in Garra International

Halal products global trade may rise 18% by 2024

This week, around 3,000 people took part in the event ‘Global Halal Brazil Business Forum’, organized by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in association with Fambras Halal. The audience participated in the presentation and in the debate of different topics related to the theme, including market opening and diversification.

The sector, which is driven by the beef and chicken protein sales, operates USD 4.8 trillion and a growth of 18% is expected by 2024. Data are from a survey by the State of the Global Islamic Economy.

Brazil, country that hosted the event, plays an important role in this market, accounting for USD 16.2 billion in halal food exports in 2019, 12% higher than the second place, India, which traded USD 4.4 billion.

Since the company’s foundation, 26 years ago, Garra International has operated in the Arab markets and offers quality protein to the Muslim population. The company’s CEO, Frederico Kaefer, attended the opening of the Global Halal Brazil Business Forum, in São Paulo this Monday. He believes in the potential growth of this market and affirms that the event is an important tool to narrow the bonds with the Arab countries.

“The Arab Brazilian Chamber held an outstanding event and, in addition to having access to news, we had the opportunity to be closer to our partners. We know that Brazil is currently the largest producer and exporter of halal products in the world and Garra works with important suppliers of this kind of protein. Our team is dedicated on meeting the demand of the Muslim population, which today reaches 1.9 billion people in the world, 25% of the global population”, says Kaefer.

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