By Garra - 18/02/2022 in Garra International

Garra’s presence at Gulfood generates new business opportunities and exceeds expectations

The results of Garra International’s presence in Gulfood, the main food and beverage trade event in the Middle East, have exceeded the company’s expectations. The event sets many businesses in motion in the Arab countries and Garra expects to increase its revenue in the region by USD 50 million (40 %).

“Our participation in the fair was extremely positive. We made important contacts with current and potential customers in the region, and with suppliers around the world. On top of that, we met old partners, who came to us looking to resume business”, says Frederico Kaefer, CEO of Garra International.

A joint venture between Brazilian KIT and New Zealander Garra, the trading company has had exponential growth in the last two years, closing 2021 with USD 200 million in revenue. “The expansion allowed us to open markets and find new suppliers for our partners and for our own brand. And that brought other customers to the table,” says Matias Hees, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer.

With staff in more than 10 countries, Garra has attended the fair with a multinational team from markets such as Brazil, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and New Zealand. During the five-day event, they gathered with companies from all nations in the MENA region – a consumer market of around 400 million people.

The region is currently the destination of 65% of Garra International’s exports of chicken, beef and mutton. To disembark, all items have the Halal certification – which designates food, products and services that can be consumed by Muslims.

“The quality of the contacts we made in the last few days also demonstrate the evolution of the fair over the years. The public is increasingly qualified and looking to close deals”, says Frederico.

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