By Garra - 16/07/2021 in Garra International

Garra International is the new joint venture brand between KIT and Garra

Almost two years after announcing the merger of the Brazilian KIT and the New Zealander Garra, the joint venture presents itself to the world as the new, integrated, Garra International.

The trading company ships 120 thousand tons a year of chicken, beef, lamb, and pork – sold to around 500 customers in more than 60 markets. And it is aiming at multiplying those numbers.

Combining innovation and tradition, Garra provides complete and fast solutions to its customers. In more countries, with new offices, and other product options.

The company acts as a facilitator on both ends of the business, buyers and suppliers. And it does this by narrowing bridges and shortening distances. With offices in more ten countries, Garra offers proximity to all customers and agility in solving problems.

As part of this new phase, the company has also invested in its professionalization, hiring accomplished professionals in the protein market, who are now part of the management team. It has also brought three independent members to its Board of Directors – who will work alongside the CEO, Frederico Kaefer, and the founder of its New Zealander chapter, Ali Mossalem.

“Getting this far, however, would not have been possible without the commitment of our entire team. We spent months mapping processes, studying markets, and understanding every detail of our activities to take advantage of all that was best in both KIT and Garra”, says Kaefer

“In this spirit, we will continue to build relevant connections to allow our partners to focus on what is important – running their business. Thank you all and welcome to the new Garra International.”

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