By Garra - 22/04/2022 in Garra International

Garra increases its presence in Chile, the third largest market for Brazilian beef

In 2021, Chile was the third main destination for Brazilian beef exports, accounting for 110 thousand tons – a volume 22.4% larger than in 2020, points out Abrafrigo, a Brazilian meat association. The prominent position, as the country is only after China and the United States, and the rapid growth caught the attention of Garra International, which will expand its operations in the neighboring country.

Garra’s focus will be precisely on beef. Chile’s production, of 141 thousand tons, does not reach the annual consumption of the population – around 475 thousand tons, according to the country’s statistics institute, INE. From the company’s perspective, there is room not only to meet this demand but also to increase it. The forecast is to sell at least USD 60 million per year.

“The product will come from Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Today we already have a Garra employee in Chile, the trader Ivan Galleguillos, but we want to expand our presence to keep an eye on deliveries, guarantee quality and provide a high level of after-sales services”, says Matias Hees, the company’s CCO.

According to Matias, there is the possibility of opening a subsidiary company in the country to take care of import and distribution.

First steps

Because of these new ambitions, the company’s quality inspectors, along with Chilean clients, visited some of its meatpacking partners to ensure compliance with strict export standards.

“This is something that Garra offers to guarantee that the product meets the specifications we are looking for. Our customers seek, in addition to product quality, trustworthy relationships and relevant connections”, says Matias.

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