By Garra - 30/07/2021 in Garra International

Garra in the news

Garra International’s new business phase has been featured in several news articles around the world since its announcement, on July 12.

The pieces mention the trading company’s plans to fivefold its operations in the next decade, expanding its global participation in the trade of beef, poultry, lamb, and pork. 

Frederico Kaefer, the CEO, spoke to journalists about Garra’s main competitive advantage: being a facilitator throughout the entire chain: slaughterhouses, customers, distributors, and food processors.

“We have a local presence in the main markets, over ten countries. In addition to the main production centers and a solid logistics structure, we provide business intelligence services, customized financial solutions, and facilitate payments. This entire structure, combined with the expertise, allows customers to focus on their main business,” he said to the Brazil-Arab News Agency.

Euromeat News mentions some of those solutions, like the advance payment to suppliers, made before the goods are shipped. “The customer, in its turn, can count on credit options and different payment conditions, including transactions in local currency”, says the piece.

The new Garra currently handles 120,000 tons of animal protein every year, selling to around 500 customers in over 60 countries. The trading company sells to end customers, small distributors, supermarket chains, processing plants, and foodservice chains. Poultry represents 40% of the trading business; beef, 30%; lamb, 20%; and pork, 10%; approximately.

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