By Garra - 05/11/2021 in Garra International

Garra branded beef arrives in China

China is, by a large margin, the world’s largest buyer of animal protein. It was only natural, then, that Garra International’s beef brand would land in the country. The first shipment is now on its way to Shanghai, from where it will be distributed.

With operations in ten countries, Garra is a trading company known for acting as a facilitator at both ends of the business – buyers and suppliers. Since 1995, it has also been commercializing its private label, focused primarily on the Arab countries. Now, the company has decided to use its expertise to invest in a new – and huge – market.

“Counting on important commercial agreements that were already established, we have exported Garra’s brand to different destinations in the Middle East. Now, in 2021, we are reaching the largest country in the world,” says Frederico Kaefer, CEO of the company. “For that, we have customized the brand especially for the Chinese consumers. With selected products and a specialized team, we are confident that Garra will soon gain traction in this key market for the animal protein sector.”

Currently, China represents 10% of Garra’s revenues – the goal is for the country’s share to reach 40% shortly. The brand’s sales alone should quadruple in the next year, from 250 tons sold per month to 1,000 tons.

The product comes from Uruguay, a country that stands out for the high quality of its meat and already exports heavily to Asia. “If our plans come to fruition, we expect our own brand to reach 25% of our sales volume in 2022 – more than double of what we currently have,” says Kaefer.

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