By Garra - 10/09/2021 in Garra International

Expecting a new record, Halal already represents 40% of Brazilian chicken exports

The production of chicken meat in Brazil in 2021 is expected to reach 14.5 million tons, of which 4.35 million will be exported, according to Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). If confirmed, the numbers represent historic records and they  should be attributed to the growth in demand for halal meat, which already accounts for 40% of all shipped meat.

Garra International is one of the companies that has seen the halal trend reverberate in its own numbers. With a worldwide  staff in more than 10 countries – and clients in 60 – the company acts as a facilitator at both ends of its business, for buyers (distributors and food processors) and suppliers. In 2020, 57% of the exports it intermediated in Brazil had the Middle East as its destination. Today it represents 65%.

“This halal market has been growing year after year, not only because of the demand from the Arab countries, but also because of Muslim communities all over the world”, emphasizes Matias Hees, Garra CCO . “The Middle East is very relevant, of course, but Asia and Europe have also increased their participation in the segment”.

In fact, from January to May this year, Saudi Arabia imported the most Brazilian halal chicken (26%), followed by the United Arab Emirates. However, other countries, many of which do not have a Muslim majority, received 27%, according to ABPA data. It is worth saying that, although many think that North Africa or the Middle East concentrates most of the Muslim population, only 20% of them live in these places. Two-thirds, for example, live in the Asia-Pacific region.

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