By Garra - 24/03/2023 in Brazil and World

China lifts embargo and reopens market for imports of Brazilian beef

China authorized on Thursday the resumption of beef imports from Brazil, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The embargo suspension happens a month after the sales interruption, following the health protocol between the countries, due to a case of atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

According to the ministry, the release applies to meat from animals slaughtered from this Friday, March 24th, onwards. China is the main buyer of Brazilian beef, responsible for around 60% of Brazilian exports of the protein.

In addition to lifting the embargo, China authorized four new Brazilian plants to export to the country. Two of them are in Rondônia, one is in Espirito Santo and the other in Pará, according to information released by the Brazilian government.

The country also authorized the resumption of purchases from two other plants that were suspended – one beef producer in Mato Grosso and one chicken producer in Rio Grande do Sul.

The expectation is that other plants will be cleared during the government’s mission to China, which takes place until the end of March.

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