By Garra - 24/09/2021 in Chicken

Chicken: world market shows signs of recovery and product supply likely to remain reduced

The global chicken trade had a strong recovery in the second quarter of 2021, with business reaching historic highs. According to a Rabobank report, Brazil and the USA benefited the most from strong trade, whereas exports from Europe, Russia and The Ukraine fell down due to avian influenza and the slowdown in Chinese imports.

Most productive regions are benefiting from increased demand as countries recover economically and there is a reduction in product supply.

For the fourth quarter, the global outlook is positive. The scenario will be one of continuous demand and restricted supply, with an increase in trade, driven by the recovery of the foodservice segment.

On the other hand, according to Rabobank, some countries are facing inflation concerns and Covid-19 remains as an important factor in defining the sector’s prospects. Depending on how the disease is progressing, it can shake up markets and as well as impact supplies to some more fragile places such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

The supply growth in this second semester may be restricted in many regions due to labor availability issues, which is being a challenge for the production of countries as the United States, United Kingdom and Thailand. In addition, the continuing risks of avian influenza and high feed costs for animal feed could continuously affect supplies around the world.

“Garra works along with reliable suppliers, with regular offers of chicken to different destinations. We know that it is a delicate moment now, especially due to the reduced products supply. In this sense, we work non-stop to make sure our customers are served. Brazil is one of our main suppliers and occupies an important position in world negotiations”, explains Matias Hees, CCO at Garra International.

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