By Garra - 06/05/2022 in Chicken

Chicken: Brazilian exports hit new record in April with 387 thousand tons

Brazilian exports of chicken meat registered another record. In April, the total exported was 387,180 tons, more than one-half percent higher than the previous month. In comparison to April 2021, the increase was of 6.77%.

In revenue there was also an advance. Compared to March 2022, there was a 6.25% increase in the average price and, over the same month last year, a 28.18% increase. The price of US$ 1,936.14 per ton is the best one obtained by the product since 2014. In total, the foreign exchange revenue obtained by the in natura product reached US$ 749.633 million, an increase of 7% in relation to March and 36,87% compared to April 2021.

When comparing the 2022 first four months with the same period last year, the increases were 8.10% in exported volume, 21.63% in average price per ton and 31.58% in foreign exchange revenue.

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