By Garra - 25/11/2022 in Chicken

Brazil’s quota of chicken meat exports to UK set to increase 19.3%

A new agreement between the governments of Brazil and the United Kingdom, signed at the World Trade Organization (WTO), raises the export quota for Brazilian chicken meat by 19.3%, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

Under the new terms, defined after the British exit from the European Union (Brexit), Brazil’s quota will rise from 79.92 thousand tons to 95.37 thousand tons (an increase of 15.46 thousand tons). In turn, Brazil’s chicken meat quota in the European Union, now with 27 countries, was reduced proportionally to 244.2 thousand tons.

“The conclusion of the agreement normalizes and defines quota standards more suited to British demand. In addition, it establishes the continuity of the Certificate of Origin mechanism, thus guaranteeing stability and tranquility to commercial negotiations”, said ABPA’s director of markets, Luís Rua, in a statement.

The United Kingdom imported 79.79 thousand tons of chicken meat from Brazil in the first ten months of 2022, practically stable when compared to the 79.8 thousand tons from the same period last year.

The agreement should favor cooked and salted Brazilian chicken meat products, which are highly demanded by English processors. For the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin, the new quotas should generate positive impacts on sales in the sector, reflecting the high demand for the Brazilian product in this market.

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