By Garra - 01/10/2021 in Chicken

Brazilian projections indicate a high of pork and chicken meat production and exports

Brazil should produce up to 4.7 million tons of pork and 14.3 million tons of chicken in 2021. This is the expectation of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). Compared to last year, growth will be around 6% for pork protein and 3.5% for chicken.

Of the total pork produced, around 1.1 million tons should be exported, which represents an increase of 12% compared to 2020. Since January, the shipped volume has grown 11.5% compared to the same period in 2020. For domestic consumption, the increase will be 5.5%.

For chicken, the estimate is that around 4.5 million tons will be exported, which represents an increase of up to 7.5% compared to 2020. For domestic consumption, the forecast is for a 2% increase.

For Ricardo Santin, president of APBA, pork has been the biggest export star and the international scenario is positive for Brazil, given that there is a low stock of pork in the United States and, in Thailand, the pig agro-industries are closing because of a new outbreak of the delta variant of Covid-19. The high cost of feed should keep production moderate during the second half, limiting the growth of large exporters such as Spain as well.

The expectation for 2022 is that Brazilian pork production will be reaching 4.8 million tons, an increase of up to 4% compared to 2021. Exports may be up to 13% higher and domestic consumption should increase by up to 5 .5% in 2022.

The production of chicken, in turn, may reach 14.7 million tons in 2022, representing a growth of 4.5% compared to this year. The increase will also be felt in exports, which should be 3.5% higher next year. In addition, domestic consumption is expected to increase up to 6.5%.

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