By Garra - 09/05/2024 in Brazil and World

Brazilian producers expect better prices with new authorizations to export to China

The authorization of 38 new plants and warehouses to export meat to China last week has made Brazilian livestock and poultry farmers optimistic. While the Brazilian government predicts this will add BRL 10 billion to the trade balance, cattle and poultry producers hope these deals will result in better prices and gains for those in the field.

“I see it as a positive opening, which will help the sector that is down by presenting a greater supply of animals in relation to demand. It will be a way to fight this scenario,” said Rafael Lima, the vice-president of a beef producers association in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to the website Globo Rural.

According to him, the opening can help move this merchandise and bring higher prices. In Mato Grosso do Sul, the arroba is currently traded at BRL 215 in the spot market.

A poultry producer from the state of Paraná, Alexandre Oliveira Balbino told the outlet that expectations are the best possible. “We received the news with great optimism. The China market will boost the company’s production, once it will not depend only on internal sales,” evaluates Alexandre.

Aviculturist Luís Fernando Sabec, also from Paraná, considers the achievement of utmost importance to consolidate the brand in the market. “This authorization generates security and conditions so that we can maintain the growth of our production,” he evaluates.

The announcement, which occurred last week, represented the largest ever number of plants authorized at once. These include 24 beef producers, eight poultry meat producers, and one establishment of thermo processed beef. Five warehouses were also authorized.

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