By Garra - 04/03/2022 in Brazil and World

Brazilian exports to the Arab countries grew 55% in January

Exports from Brazil to the Arab markets had a significant growth in January 2022, compared to the same month last year. According to the Intelligence Department of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, the increase in revenue was 55% and most products shipped were from agribusiness.

In total, Brazil exported US$ 1.33 billio to the Arab market in the first month of this year. Corn exports were responsible for US$ 230.7 million and had an increase of 60.9%; iron ore was the second best-selling product, with US$ 193 million, down 2.5%; chicken meat held the third position with US$ 191.7 million revenue and an increase of 27.5%; in fourth place was sugar, with US$ 178 million and an increase of 29.7%; and beef came in fifth place, with US$ 126.7 million, an increase of 181%.

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