By Garra - 20/01/2023 in Brazil and World

Brazilian beef exports rise 26% in 2022

Brazilian beef exports (processed and in natura) grew 26% in 2022, when compared to the previous year, reaching 2.34 million tons. The data was released by the Brazilian Association of Refrigerators (Abrafrigo), based on information from the federal government.

Total revenue from exports rose 42% in the period, to USD 13.1 billion, showing an increase in product prices last year.

According to Abrafrigo, however, the Chinese market has been pressing for renegotiations in recent months.

China is the main destination for Brazilian exports. In 2022, the Asian country was responsible for half of Brazil’s beef international sales, accounting for 53.3% of the volumes and 60.9% of total revenue.

Secondly came the United States, with purchases of 173.1 thousand tons and revenues of USD 904.1 million, increases of 47% and 12.8%, respectively.

Chile ended the year in third, with purchases of 71.8 thousand tons and revenues of USD 360.1 million, followed by Egypt (99.99 thousand tons, USD 354.4 million) and Hong Kong (88.5 thousand tons, USD 308.9 million).

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