By Garra - 18/03/2022 in Brazil and World

Brazil: record poultry and pork slaughter and decline in cattle

This week, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) disclosed the slaughter data for 2021 and it reveals a drop of 7.8% on cattle compared to 2020. The chicken slaughter showed an increase of 2.8%, and for pigs there was a growth of 7.3%.

In 2021, 6.18 billion chicken, 52.97 million swine and 27.54 million cattle were slaughtered.

While the volume of cattle slaughtered in Brazil gets to the lowest levels in more than 17 years, foreign sales of the protein show record performance and prices remain high.

According to data from the Department of Foreign Trade, exports of fresh beef totaled 84.21 thousand tons by the second week of March, with a daily average of 10.52 thousand shipments. If the current sales rhythm is maintained, by the end of the month, Brazil should ship more than 200 thousand tons in March. In February, 182.3 thousand tons of beef were exported.

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