By Garra - 06/05/2022 in Beef

Beef improves people’s quality and life expectancy

One of the most distinguished cardiologists in Brazil, also a cattleman Nabih Amin El Aouar, said in an interview to Canal Rural that those who eat beef live longer and better. The conclusion is from a study carried out by Australian researchers, which involved experts from Poland, Italy and Switzerland, and addressed the correlation of meat consumption with life expectancy and infant mortality.

According to the study, adequate meat consumption, regardless of the economic situation or other external factors, has a positive impact on people’s quality of life and life expectancy.

For Nabih, the study precisely clarifies the benefits of consuming red meat for human nutrition. “It is one of the very rare foods that has a rich source of protein with all nine essential amino acids and especially heme iron, which is of fundamental importance for red blood cells, and for the oxygen flow through the body”, he explains.

Bovine fat also appears as an essential item for human health. According to the specialist, this lipid is extremely beneficial because it is related to the production of sex hormones, cortisol (the mood hormone) and also promotes human satiety and intelligence.

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