By Garra - 11/07/2021 in Brazil and World

Beef: export volume may be 6% higher than 2020

Just this week, the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC) released June numbers for beef exports. Last month, Brazil shipped 164.3 thousand tons of protein to different destinations. Such a result represents an advance of 9.7% compared to May. In the first half alone, 874.4 thousand tons of beef were shipped abroad.

ABIEC estimates that a 6% higher volume will be exported ,compared to 2020, this year  and that such forecast is based on the opening of new markets and the increase of authorized slaughterhouses sending out their products to other countries.

“We believe in Brazil’s strength in maintaining its world  beef supply and, for us, the numbers have not been greater so far due to the reduction of animal supply for slaughtering. We are in contact with several markets and the demand for Brazilian protein is high. Our product quality is excellent and, generally speaking, South America has devolved a lot in international negotiations”, says Matias Hees, global commercial director at KITGarra.

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