By Garra - 11/02/2022 in Beef

Beef: Brazil, Australia and USA live different moments

The three main beef world exporters, Brazil, Australia and the United States, present different situations in terms of production and exports. In a text published this week, the Brazilian portal DBO shows an overview of the three countries and highlights that Brazil will continue to increase exports and cattle herd and is the one with the greatest capacity to meet the growing world demand for beef.

The Latin American country is expected to increase the number of cattle heads by 3% in 2022 and this is due to the rise in the prices of live cattle and calf, in addition to the growth in beef exports.

Australia, which suffered hard in 2021 from the drought and drastically reduced its exports, is rebuilding its cattle herd and will increase its exports in 2022. In the last year, Australians recorded the lowest shipments number in 36 years. For this year, the expectation is that there will be an increase of 1.1 million cattle heads and a growth of 10% in exports in relation to last year. However, the country started the year with a strong retraction in shipments. After the Omicron variant of Covid-19 spread among slaughterhouse workers, Australians achieved the lowest export volumes ever recorded in their history last January.

The USA achieved historic export records, in volume and price, but last year’s cattle herd suffered a considerable reduction. On January 1st, 2022, there was a decline of 1.88 million cattle head, -2% compared to January 1, 2021. Drought in US livestock regions and high calf prices were the responsible for the drop in production. Now, the expectation is that the prices of all bovine products will rise between 8% and 12% throughout the year.

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