By Garra - 03/03/2023 in Chicken

Argentina suspends poultry exports after confirming cases of avian flu

Argentina confirmed its first positive case of avian flu on a commercial farm. According to the National Service of Agro-Food Health and Quality (Senasa), the case was registered in the province of Río Negro, in the south of the country, an area with low poultry density.

With the case, Argentina temporarily lost the disease-free status and, consequently, suspended the exports of the protein.

According to Senasa, although the news may be worrying, it is important to highlight that the production of poultry for domestic consumption continues normally, since the avian flu is not transmitted by the consumption of chicken meat or eggs.

To prevent the spread of the disease in other poultry establishments, the Argentinian authorities implemented the appropriate containment measures, as established in the Avian Influenza Contingency Manual.

About 25 cases have been confirmed so far, mostly in wild birds. The first cases were registered in mid-February and led the country to declare a health emergency. Poultry products generate exports to Argentina valued at just over USD 350 million a year.

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