Compliance Program

Present in different countries, in different cultures, customs and nationalities, Garra creates relevant connections around the world, every day. The Compliance Program was created with the desire to maintain relationships and develop the best of the company.

In addition to good practices, this program aims to establish an ethical, moral and legal guide for all employees, customers and suppliers, promoting transparent business conduct and seeking, above all, to guarantee the highest quality of services provided. With this, Garra strengthens the brand, proving the organization's commitment to ethics.

Main objectives:

  • Ensure legality in financial and commercial transactions;
  • Pursue transparency and integrity in businesses;
  • Identify and mitigate ethical deviations;
  • Promote anti-corruption measures and prevent money laundering;

To improve the mechanisms of prevention, detection and accountability for acts of corruption, immorality or illegality, there is a direct line with Garra: the Complaint Channel.

This channel is available to all the company's partners or related parties, whether they are customers, suppliers, employees, public agents or service providers.

Use this channel to notify Garra of any complaint about actions that contravene rules, policies or legislation.

The information reported will be treated with absolute confidentiality and the user can identify himself or remain anonymous when making the complaint.